Shamokin and Coal Township Public Library

Memorial List

May 25 to June 9, 2005

            Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Adams, Sr. by the Scott Family.

            Ronald Berry by Friends and Co-Workers at MVM Nursing Office, Shamokin High School Class of 1941.

            Mary Ann Carpitella by John and Derry Faraguna, Coal Township High School Class of 1957, Traditions, Gifts and Salon.

            Glenn Dressler by Nancy and Bill Joraskie & Sons.

            Mary Lou Engle by Tom and Marge Dunkin, Morris and Linda Gard, Mildred Sharp, Shamokin Area Education Association, Shamokin Area Retired Educators.

            Jane Giles by Barbara and Thomas Dombroskie, Morris and Linda Gard, Mary and Thomas Regan.

            Robert Glavich by Kate, JoAnn, Barbara, Sharon & Families.

            Eddie Griffiths by Mary and Leonard Faust.

            Herbert Harris by Joseph Bressi & Family, Coal Township High Schol Class of 1935.

            Fred Herman by Joseph Bressi & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Martin, Jim and Kay Maurer.

            Marian Kerstetter by June, Donna and Amy, Whitey and Joan Vetovich & Family, Jim and Nancy Williams. Joannie (Nezerski) Yuricick

            Genevieve Koss by Joseph Bressi & Family, Tom Kosakowski, Women of the Moose, Shamokin Chapter 1356.

            Jeremy Lentz by Mom and Dad.

            Leah McBride by Joseph Bressi & Family, Mr. & Mrs. John Hoover, Jon Hoover and Mr. & Mrs. Larry Beck, Erma, Jeff and Sandy (Krayniak),  Mr. & Mrs. Michael McBride, Ed and Barbara Oshinskie, Russell Wolfe.

            Florence Means by Agnes Adams, Joe Kristoff.

            Marlin and Grace (Ambicki) Moore by Carol A. Moore.

            Jeanne Nye by Donna and Barry.

            Clarence, Muriel and Ronnie Sheriff by Brian, Beth, Megan and Matthew Sheriff.

            John, Naomi and Jennie Shinskie by Thais Middlesworth.

            Helen Shusner by Lillian and Irvin Liachowitz, Jane and Bill Whitley.

            William Socko by Margie Dunn & Family.

            Thomas Stellmach by Irene and Allen Grow.

            Charlie Tamkus by Parents, Vince and Grace, Cheryl and Jeff.

            Marion A. Troutman by Shamokin Area Elementary School Office Staff.

            Jean Elizabeth "Betty" Van Devender by Joseph Bressi & Family,  Phoebe and Bob Forcheskie, Mae Grow, Irene and Allen Grow, Donna and Barry Lentz, Lyman and Carolyn Weaver, Shamokin Area Education Association, Shamokin Area Retired Educators, Gary, Barb and Mitch Welliver.

            Anna May Weiser by Coal Township Highrise Club.

            Percy C. Welker, Sr. by Joseph Bressi& Family,  Joe and Carol Broscious, Mary McCord, Jacqueline Robel, Joe and Shirley Sadak, Anne Schlagle, June Schleig, Ann Tosloskie. 

            Gail Williams by  David and Doris Bamford, Phyllis (Kishela) Benedetto, Jim and Tracey Bixler,  Joseph Bressi & Family, Albert Shinskie.

            Joseph Yuricich by JoAnn.

            Jerome Zupicich by Joseph Bressi & Family, Frank, Marian, Mike, Matt and Mark Buraczeski, Lillian and Irvin Liachowitz, Calvin, Kathy and Amanda Sledgen, Gloria Treese, Gary, Barb and Mitch Welliver.


Contributions to the Memorial Fund were made for:

            Joseph D. Snyder by Sarann and Tom Keyack.

            Jean Elizabeth "Betty" Van Devender by Lenny and Ann Bainbridge & Family.

            Percy C.Welker, Sr. by Norma and Bob Albert.

            Gail Williams by Jo Ann Little.



            Our Lady of Lourdes High School Class of 2005 by Mr.& Mrs. Edward Madden.